Multiverses and Madness – Episode 005

Is the universe we experience the only universe there is, or only the tiniest corner of an infinite multiverse?

As for “madness,” how better to describe telling people it’s safe to go back in the water when hungry Great Whites are prowling just off shore?





Is our universe the only one that exists? Jeff, Dave, and Alison start out today’s episode by examining whether multiverses might exist and the thinking that has led scientists in the past — and present — to answer that question one way or the other. There is nothing in current theory that precludes the possibility of other universes, so why might we think ours is the only one? Is this simply a more modern case of humanity believing it is at the center of the universe? The discussion concludes with our scientists posing the idea that perhaps the relevant question is not whether other universes exist, but what could have possibly led humanity to believe they don’t.

Moving on to examine what life in this little corner of the universe is currently like, our intrepid hosts explore current events. They touch on topics including COVID-19 antibody tests, the prevalence of people in face masks, and the jumbled patchwork that is states lifting their stay at home orders now and in the near future. Our hosts discuss the difficult decisions that reopening too soon will place on workers’ shoulders, including for many the choice between going to work and exposing themselves to the virus or staying home and lacking the income to put food on the table. How much is enough — at what point will people refuse to make this impossible choice and begin pushing back against authority? Is major social change on the horizon?


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